Weekly Challenges

Opening between two rocks at Acadia National Park



For every “I shouldn’t have said that” in life, you’ll twice say, “I should have, while I had the chance.” Write about a character reminiscing about something they should have said or done, and how differently their life might have turned out if they had. Write about yourself if you prefer. [Photo by Love to Write, YWP archive, "Acadia"]


  • It Could've Been Different

    Looking back at it now, I know that it could’ve been different. I could’ve been different. Instead of turning away, I could’ve yelled: “Come back!” I could’ve changed the events that followed when I turned away. But instead, I gave up.

  • "New"

    Watching them sit alone inside the cafeteria, isolated in their new school, I remained at my obnoxiously crowded table, a body of laughter and chatter amidst a sea of foot traffic.

  • I should have told him I loved him

    I should have told him I loved him, just a little sooner. I know I planned every word, the night before. Pacing my room in my prettiest dress, streamers in my red hair. He has always made me lose my breath, by simply living.

  • Guilt

    I kneel down on the dewy grass,                            picking up a ladybug by the hand.