To my sister

my sister is the most beautiful person i have ever laid eyes on

inside and out, 

she is impeccable.

she is the most generous, selfless, kind woman i have ever met

whether she's 10 minutes or 10 hours away,

she'll be in the car headed my way before she can even process what she's doing 

whenever something happens,

my sister is the first person i will ever go to

she is the only person who truly understands me

as we sit in her room criss-cross applesauce, 

talking about every little thing,

i can't help but smile,

knowing i am so blessed to have someone who knows me so well

the only person who i can talk to about anything without feeling judged

the person i laugh with 

the person i cry with

to my sister, and my best friend

thank you, and i love you.


the best sisters i could've ever asked for.

my best friends.

nora and scarlett cannizzaro






14 years old

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