Lover, Please Come Home

Inspired By My Own Book Series 


“What are you going to miss most?”


     Oh lover,

           Oh lover,


     I know I’m not deserving

Of your light

     But do you even know

What I'd do for you?

     Why do you have to be so


     But cruel

At the same time?

     I’ll terribly miss you when you leave

Your smile makes my day

     Every day without you

Will be another impediment I face


     Oh lover,

          Oh lover,


     When will you ever return?

I’ve lost my mind alone here

     Please come home soon

Your daughter has a father

     She’s never even seen

She’ll ask me all about you

     I’ll tell her all the stories

But it’s not the same

     She can’t comprehend

The idea

     Of a loving father

She doesn’t understand

     That you’re supposed to be

A role model

     In her life


     Oh lover,

          Oh lover, 


Please come home

     So I can forever

Put my hand in yours







13 years old

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