Stars Above & Love

The stars above 

know our love. 

Written across the seas 

like melodic keys. 

Wind sweeps us away, 

settling secrets with the day. 

Whispers of the night 

shine true 

when the stars above- 

see through, 

knowing our love.



16 years old

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  • Untitled?

    When the chaos of the day 

    gets washed away  

    and the serenity of night descends, 

    I begin to wonder, as the stars ascend. 

    Trying to put puzzle pieces together 

  • Intertwined

    When only the stars shine,

    the winds’ whispered rhyme-

    echos across the land.

    As the sea longs for the moon.

    The magnetic pull-

    Weaves their fates together.

    Intertwining them for eternity.

  • Tides

    Drawn like a magnet,

    the moon and the sea.

    Water reaching for light,

    stars shining in the night,

    watching as the moon-

    pulls away,

    steering the water astray.