15 years old


  • boy

    i think about claiming myself, labelling myself as i please. 

    what is a label? is it a name? a descriptor?

    what is it to claim an identity?

  • an excerpt

    excerpt from "scars of what once was" by AL.

    my words grew weak, and my mind started racing.

    maybe you couldn't hear me. 

    i screamed it again, hoping you would hear me. 


  • free

    and i think about how,

    in that moment,

    with you,

    your sweet embrace,

    and your warm lips against mine,

    i felt free.


    can i have just a moment more?


  • january to july

    in the months of darkness and cold, i never stopped writing.

    i just kept it all to myself. every night, my own religion

    pages of pen poised on paper, pouring my heart out

  • Intertwined

    When only the stars shine,

    the winds’ whispered rhyme-

    echos across the land.

    As the sea longs for the moon.

    The magnetic pull-

    Weaves their fates together.

    Intertwining them for eternity.

  • A Final Goodbye

    Leave me like the setting sun,

    your love’s shown in the sky,

    our final goodbye.

    Whispers of your name-

    follow me around like a game.

    Reminders of you are everywhere.

    I know one day they’ll go away,

  • Lullaby

    Carried by the songbird’s wings 

    Through forests bright, caverns dim, 

    Flying in the wild wind.  

    Tears have been shed and goodbyes have been said 

    And the light is leaving from your eyes. 

  • butterflies

    i don't want to love someone

    because i'm supposed to

    you told me, one night in mid-july.

    warm air and sun fading in the sky,

    i want to fall in love with someone

  • Rookie

    He said please come down—a story and another building away. 

    I was scared, but still, he wanted me.

    He said he's been waiting almost a year for me.

    I knew I could get caught, but still, he wanted me.