Tim, Tom, and Tam

Once Upon a Time there were three turtles. Their names were Tim, Tom, and Tam. They were siblings and they liked doing fun things together like taking long walks, digging in the sand, and swimming. 
One day they decided to go to the race to watch the rabbits compete first. Tim, Tom, and Tam had so much fun. Tim, Tom and Tam said, “We can do that!” We can go so fast that we would win the race and bring home the gold medal. 
The next day the three turtles signed up for track and field at school. When the turtles walked up to the coach, the coach said, “You really think you can go fast? Because you can't.” Tom said, “That's not very nice to say to my siblings and me. We want to win the gold medal!” The coach said, “Okay, you can join track and field.” 
Over the next two weeks, the turtles went to track and field practice. The three turtles went slower than they expected, but they did not stop trying. Everyone kept whizzing past them during practice, but the turtles kept trying. 
The day of the big race finally came. Tim, Tom, and Tam saw the bunnies in their new sneakers and the turtles felt bad because they had old sneakers. That did not stop them from running, though. The bunnies were in the lead, but then suddenly the bunnies tripped on the laces of their new sneakers. And while the bunnies were tying their shoes, Tim,Tom, and Tam crossed the Finish line. The end. 


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