We Are Not Alone

Sometimes I think about how expansive the universe is. I don't like to think about it too much though, because I can't quite comprehend it all. For example, the universe is growing, right, but what is it growing into? If the universe is all there is, what is on the edge of the universe? And how will it die one day? How does something that is all there is die? It's a bit too much to contemplate. 

If I ever got the chance to explore it, I would find the edge. I would find the edge of all there is. I'd look out beyond the edge, and I don't know what I would see, but I think it would help everything make a bit more sense. 

I think that we are not alone. The universe is too big to house so little life. Or maybe the life that does exist, does not look how we think it should.

Someone could even argue that the universe is alive. One day it popped into existence. How? We don't quite know. But we do know it's growing, and made of pure energy. Scientists discovered that there is an unexplainable energy in all the gaps in the cosmos. They call it the cosmic microwave background. Maybe that's the universe trying to say something to us.

Maybe it's trying to say, "you are not alone." 

But that doesn't keep us from feeling like we are. We're still searching for something. An explanation for our existence. We need to know that this all matters.

But maybe it doesn't.

Not in a nihilistic way. Because if nothing matters, then we can be whoever, do whatever. If nothing matters, why can't we just be happy? 

I guess if I could explore the universe, I'd go to the moon, just to look back at Earth. Watch as the world spins, as day turns to night, and night turns to day. 

Because I don't think anything is even half as beautiful or miraculous as our existence. 



16 years old

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