16 years old


  • Stretching to Infinity

    There is this idea that children have a fear of storms. The distant rumble of thunder a warning to run to their parents' bedroom, throw back the covers, and burrow deep into the familiar warmth. 

  • We Are Not Alone

    Sometimes I think about how expansive the universe is. I don't like to think about it too much though, because I can't quite comprehend it all. For example, the universe is growing, right, but what is it growing into?

  • Save Me A Cup

    When I was younger my grandpa would take me out on the lake in his old fishing trawler. We would head out in the early morning, right before the sun started to rise above the mountains, and we would wait.
  • Love Fast, Die Young

    Love is not just romantic, or I guess romantic love is not the most important kind of love. Someone can feel completely whole without ever being in a romantic relationship and that's okay, because love is whatever we want it to be. 
  • Your Best is Good Enough

    Thank you for trying. You weren't perfect, or I guess you aren't perfect, but you did your best and that's the best anyone can do. You made mistakes, but that's okay because mistakes are just an opportunity for growth.