Your Best is Good Enough

Thank you for trying. You weren't perfect, or I guess you aren't perfect, but you did your best and that's the best anyone can do. You made mistakes, but that's okay because mistakes are just an opportunity for growth. You didn't always learn from your mistakes though, but I guess that's only human. I always tell myself that when I'm older, if I ever have kids, I will be twice the parent you ever were. But I know that just like you I will get angry, I'll get tired, and I'll get frustrated. I'll be different, but maybe not better. 

You forget this sometimes, but I do love you, despite everything. You inspire me every day, because you are both so driven in every aspect of your life. So driven that you lose sight of yourselves, of the things that bring you joy. It is not worth it to destroy yourself to succeed. You do not need to destroy yourself for me, all I want is for you to be happy. For you to have something after I leave, find yourselves again, the parts of yourself that you lost when I was born. There is no doubt in my mind that you deserve it.

With lots of love,
Your kid.



16 years old

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