Workshop > Renga
Oct 06


Renga poems are a natural extension of the haiku and tanka progression. Renga poems are traditionally understood as "linked poems" or collaborations between multiple poets. This article from provides a succinct account of what a renga is, and might help you to better understand the process.

In short, a renga reads like a series of repeating tankas. In practice, multiple poets would get together and write in collaboration--one person would write the first three lines, the next person would write the two seven-syllable lines that followed, and then someone else would write another three lines, and so forth. The format of 5-7-5-7-7 would be repeated as more poets contributed their lines. The content was often similar to that of haiku or tanka.

For this XP, you can either build off of one of your own tanka poems, build off of a renga already started here, or start from scratch. The trick is to progress from one idea, to a related idea, as you move through the different stanzas.

Give it a shot, and post the renga that you come up with here.