Oct 07
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             All I could think about as I fled through the countryside was how long I had until they got me. The images flashed through my head the police sirens, the screaming, and most of all the broken body that had laid dead on the sidewalk. One last time I checked the instructions Martha had given me, “Follow this map,” she had said. “You’ll be safe there.” Her wild eyes had stared into mine as we heard the cars pull up in front of the building. “Run,” she had whispered, and I did. I didn't know what I was looking for just something that would keep me safe, while the country looked for me, the killer of the man on the sidewalk. According to the map I should be a few feet away from the thing, whatever it was but I still saw nothing. Then, as I got closer something appeared out of thin air. It was a cabin though it looked more like a tool shed, it's bright red roof made it appear as it was trying very hard to look welcoming. When in reality it was the opposite, the dark wood appeared to be black, and all the windows were boarded up. I realized I didn't have a key, and prayed it would be unlocked to my relief it was. The inside was just as creepy, Victorian style chairs and carpets ripped apart by cockroaches. There was a vase of bright red roses on the table that looked fresh. How could that be I wondered, then I noticed a slip of paper right next to the roses.  

Dear Natalie,

If you're reading this then that means that they have come after you too. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe in this cabin only blood members of our family can see it. We have somebody check in every so often, so you should have company soon. I can’t say much more in this letter I’m afraid you'll have to ask your questions to the caretaker. I hear you coming up behind me, you were so cute when you were one.

Best wishes, Martha

I sighed and sank into one of the old couches, I let my problems go if only for a second, and made myself hope that I could really be safe in this cabin.



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