Oct 07
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Untold Thoughts On That Black Night..

I woke up startled by a little shriek. I looked around,nobody was there. Huh? This wasn't right. Sitting up I noticed I was on the floor. Why was I on the floor?Sliding my finger across the floor I studied the dust.What am I doing here? And Why? I looked around again, this time looking for a door. A door, Yes, I found a door,I tugged on it. No. It was locked. Oh god. Ughh. I tried to scream. But I couldn't, Instead a little soft shriek just came out.Something was definitely wrong.My voice even sounded much different. This time I got up again and I started looking for a window, maybe that would give me a hint of where I was. I found a window Near the kitchen and found an old stool near it, I sat on the stool looking out the window. Just waiting for something to happen,Hoping somebody would eventually find me. After what seemed like five minutes I walked back to the living room and sat down on the floor again, This time it felt much colder than before. Think, Livia, Think. Maybe somebody's just playing a stupid nasty trick on me. But who? And why?”Livia” a strange voice said. I looked around,surprised,happy,confused,and scared. I could hear my own heart,beating in my ears.I got up and started walking back  to the small kitchen.Who could have entered without me noticing? I looked around again, Just to make sure nobody was in there. I stumbled upon A door probably for a really small Bathroom. How come I didn't notice it before? Nobody was in there too. I tip toed back to the living room..”Livia”Now much louder than before.”Livia,Wake up”I opened my eyes.It was just a bad dream,Thank God”Get up”My little sister almost yelled”Ugh,I will”I said annoyed of her.I watched her walk back to her bed on the other side of our room noticing how short her hair was and how long mine was and how she was telling me to get up and get ready yet she wasn't even ready at all,I didn't say anything though.I looked out the window,there was a small thunderstorm. I looked around my room. Happy I was there. Wait. How Come I was sleeping in my dream?You can't sleep in your dreams,Can You?I look around my room one more time,startled by my own heartbeat. Who knows?At least I'm in my room. On this black night...