Oct 22
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Sit Down And Wait - Part 2

Chapter Two
I walked into my Advanced Italian class, my school being one of the few that actually offers an interesting language unlike Spanish or French. As the only sophomore in this class with a bunch of Juniors and Seniors,  I have become good friends with most of the older kids, yet  I am still one of the most unpopular kids in school. Which I oddly enjoyed most of the time. I have one best friend, named Calvin, who was a bone thin and short, but also an extreme artist while I was an English nerd. But overall we still got along well. He was allergic to what seemed like everything, so his diet mostly consisted of plain lettuce, lots of fruit, vegan gluten free unsalted tasteless crackers, and water. This diet is the reason he is so skinny, making him worry about his skinny chicken limbs, so he only wears pants and long sleeve shirts. He’s a weird kid, but my only friend, too.
When I got out of the class, I saw the girl who’s life I had saved just the morning walking right toward me! She was wearing jeans shorts with a loose tee-shirt tucked in with a faded Mickey Mouse swinging a cane printed on it. Her hair was in a loose bun at the very top of her head, and she wore dusty once-pink flip-flops with chipped painted blue toenails. She smiled and then said to me, “You have something in your teeth, dude.” My world stopped as I reached my finger up to my mouth and picked out the biggest, most moldy, and chewed up a piece of lettuce from my school provided lunch ever. I. Was. Mortified.

“Hey, it’s fine. Do you maybe want to hang out sometime? I just want to give you a real thank you for saving my life this morning,” she said. An overwhelming wave of joy washed over me. For once, something was good in life.

“Sure. Maybe today? At the park? Well, I can show you it, of course.” I asked.

“Yeah, totally. I ain't got many friends here yet, I just moved here a week ago.” She said.

“Sounds good,” I replied

    After school, we walked together down the cracked sidewalk towards the park, talking about dumb teachers and schoolwork. We walked to the old sad playground I had played on once with my dad pushing me as high as he dared to, while I yelled for an under doggie push. Memories lingered here. We then talked about where she moved from (which was Arizona), and what she thought of Pennsylvania. But the after an hour of doing just this, I realized I needed to get home to my mom and help her with my siblings.

    “Um, sorry, but I need to head home, for dinner,” I said.

    “Oh yeah, me too. See you tomorrow.” She said.


    As I walked home, I thought almost the first time in the day, about Dad. I thought about seeing him for the last time just a week ago, and the last thing he told me was, “Stay strong. I love you, Alec Don't let the end of me be the end of you..” At the time, I didn’t really know that was the last I’d ever see him.

    The second I walked in, I saw something I thought I’d never see until the funeral. My Mom was crying. She sat on the couch with my little brother, Sammy, and hugged him as he cried too. He had the closest relationship with Dad, well, except for me, because he had Autism and Dad was the one that he liked the most. My Mom wiped her eyes and looked over at me, trying to smile the best she could.

    “How was your day?” She asked as tears still rolled down her face.

    “Good. I met a new friend today.” I said.

    “Who is this new friend, might I ask?”

    “Her name is Piper and she just moved here,” I replied.

    “A girl? Is she nice? Is she pretty?”

    “MOM!!!” I yelled, then went into my shared room to put down my backpack.



    “Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’ll tell you I told you so when she’s walking down the aisle to you!’”

    “Oh just STOP PLEASE.” I joked, then went to go cook some cheap cardboard-like mac and cheese for dinner.

    After a restless night of sleep and no breakfast, I walked to school only to find Piper running up behind me.

    “Hey, Alley!” She called

    “Oh, so I’ve already got a nickname? What should I call you? Pooper?”
    “Shut up,” she replied with a chuckle. We walked together, making small talk. After, walked together into school and said our goodbyes and went to class. I told Calvin about her all day, him teasing that we were “in love.” What a lie. If you came for some cheesy romance story, then go ahead and stop reading here.
After class, I walked Piper home and said goodbye. Then I walked to my own home to do my homework and help my mom. Nothing too exciting.

    “Guess who got their driver's license?” Asked Piper.

    “Umm, I don’t know. Who?” I joked.

    “ME! HOORAY! YIPPEE!!” Shouted Piper as we walked to school. It had been an eventful two weeks since we first met, most days after school we would either walk over to the park or go to her house to do homework. She had never mentioned going to my house, probably because I had already scared her with a few  “pre-dad cancer/dying embarrassing family horror stories”, so she didn’t know anything about our current situation. Or the fact that my dad was dead. Besides that, our personality and humor were almost identical yet for everything else we were polar opposites. Every time we meet some kind of humorous stupid argument would come up. Things like which is the best kind of cheese (gouda is obviously the best) or how the new Sesame Street is good or bad (it really is not good anymore). Once we even spent a whole hour debating if Tea or coffee is better (COFFEE IS BETTER, not like I can afford it anyways).
    Besides all our pointless arguments and dumb jokes, her getting her license is an awesome thing for our friendship, not I am just going to use her as a chauffeur or anything. But this does mean I can save a lot of time in the morning to be able to help my mom and then Piper can pick me up and drive me instead of me having to walk to school. I didn’t want her to see the apartment complex because that would obviously mean that I and my siblings plus mom would all be there, and she would figure that out super fast. BUT the apartments don’t let anyone other than the people living there into the parking lot anyway, so I’m having her pick me up at a statue about a block down the street from the complex.

    “You got a NEW CAR!?!?!”

`”YES YES YES!! Because I am doing so well in school my parents bought me this beauty for my 16th birthday!!” Piper said as she ran her fingers along her customized license plate imprinted with the word “SPARKLE”.
“You are one lucky duck! You do know that there are people in Africa who have never even seen a car before?” I teased, but I hadn’t been in a car in at least two months, so I was pumped to get somewhere so fast for once! It took me at least half an hour to walk (or rather jog on the way there) to the grocery store to get all the items we as humans need (like food).

“Well enough blabbering, wanna take it for a spin?” She asked eagerly.

“Where in the world are we going to go?” I asked.

“How about…...the bookstore!!” She said.

“I don’t have any money.” I countered, trying to make it sound like I just hadn’t brought any money to school that day.

“WHATEVER” she exaggeratedly sighed, “it’s still just fun to look around at all the new books! Stop being such a party pooper, get in the car and let's go ya little chubby bunny rabbit!”
As we drove along the twisted road down to a small old bookstore , Piper blasted Taylor Swift songs from her brand new radio. She was a good driver, but I still had an uneasy feeling about the road not having those metal bumper things and being right next to a long deep ditch, but knowing that I had not been in a car for a while, I pushed that thought out of my head. Then, after a short 20 minutes of driving, the small bookstore came into view with its year-round Christmas lights gleaming in the sunset of the evening. Piper’s parents wouldn't let us go until we had finished our homework, so we ended up leaving later than anticipated. Swirling into the parking lot, Piper turned off the radio and bounced out of the car.

    “Just look at all the new books in the window! OMG!!!!!” Piper squealed as we ran into the shop, with the blasting smell of new and molding books filled our noses. I am not the biggest reader, but Piper reads like four to five books a week, so this is her literal heaven.
    Passing the thousands of books lined along the shelves, Piper grabbed practically every book to read the inside jacket. Some of the books liked pretty good, but I had no money to get any, and I’m not even going to consider asking for money from ANYONE. It may seem like denial from the fact of matter of the situation my family is in, but I’m just too embarrassed that I can’t even buy a single used book. Whatever.
    After a good hour of looking around, we left empty handed but still satisfied. By that time it was almost pitch black out but Piper insisted that she was skilled enough to drive at night. We hopped into the car and drove out of the empty parking lot.

    We were driving along the curving road. Then it happened.

    Within only a matter of seconds, a red truck passed right in front of us and Piper tried her best to break but her hands did otherwise, gearing the steering wheel to the side of the road. And we were flying.


     My ears screamed as we rolled down, down, down deep into the ditch, and the last thing I saw was Piper’s head slam with a deafening THUD onto the dashboard of the car, then everything went blank.