This page is dedicated to helping you make the best use of There are countless ways to spend your time on YWP, but figuring out how things work doesn't need to be one of them. If you have a specific question or problem, take a look at the topics below and see if any fit your needs. If not, feel free to contact YWP Executive Director Susan Reid, Reid on the site; or by email: [email protected]; or phone (802) 324-9538

Getting Started

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Commenting is the most common way of connecting with someone's work. It's also the best way to get people to comment on your work!

Leaving a comment is easy. To start, click the title of the piece you want to comment on, to open the piece up.

Once you're looking at the complete piece, you'll see a comment/reply box to the right of the writing. Let the author know what you thought about their piece, and then click the big save button under the comment box.

The author will be notified of your comment, and you can also choose to be notified if someone else leaves a comment. You can choose to be notified for all comments, replies to your own comment, or no notifications at all for this piece.

Try to focus your comments on what you experienced as a reader of the piece--note the parts that were really interesting and engaging, or the moments where you became confused. What did you connect with in the piece? Where could the author take this story? Above all, be positive and encouraging! 

Sprouts are a way for you to connect with a piece of writing at an ever deeper level than a comment. When we hear a story, see a story, watch a story -- if we like it or

it moves us -- it makes us think of our own idea. We think that's the highest compliment you can make to someone else's piece.

If you love someone's piece of writing, click the SPROUT button at the bottom of their piece. You'll essentially be using that piece as a writing challenge--once you click the sprout link, you'll be dropped into the "create" form, so you can start writing your own piece.

The piece you create will be linked to the piece you sprouted from (and vice versa), so readers can jump from one to the other and see the thought process that led to your creation!


Annotations are a special kind of feedback that YWP staff and mentors might leave on your piece, if they have some specific suggestions to make.

Annotations are great because they can be directed at a specific segment of the writing, rather than to the entire piece.

The other cool thing about annotations, is that other writers can't see them! Only the author of the piece, and the mentors and staff at YWP can see annotations.

If you ever see a piece of your writing highlighted in yellow on the site, simply hover your mouse over the highlighted text, and an annotation will appear. Don't hesitate to contact a mentor or staff member if you're unsure of what they mean in their annotations (or comments).

Loves are the simplest way to show your appreciation for a piece. Read a piece that you thought was great, and want to let the writer know quickly and easily? Click that love button!

The author will get a notification that you loved their piece, and a tally of the total loves for that piece will appear at the bottom.

It's always a great idea to leave a comment along with your love, to let the author know what you connected with--why you chose to give them a love.

Private messages are a great way to get in touch with someone on the site--whether it be a mentor, staff member, or other young writer. Private messages are housed completely on the site, so you don't have to reveal any other personal information about yourself. Private messages are great for starting a collaboration, asking for feedback or clarification, or finding out how someone learned a tricky skill.

Whenever you see someone's username, you can click it and you'll be transported to their profile page.

On the left-hand side of this page you'll see a link to "Send this user a private message." Click that link and you'll be able to fill in your message and send it directly to that user.

Building skills

Young Writers Project is more than just a community of like-minded young writers. It's also a place where you can learn and build your skills through mentoring, feedback, and online workshops. Watch the site for announcements of new workshops offered through the year.