Nov 30

Invention I wish was never invented

An invention I never wished to be invented is electricity. Believe me, it can be nice. I am thankful we don’t have to light candles at night to read, don’t have to make furniture and clothing by hand. Really, we’ve made a civilization that revolves around the tiny charged particles that make our life so much easier.
    But that is the issue.
    You see, electricity has created problems whilst fixing them. What is one of the many obstacles that plague our country? Obesity. What would it be like if we never found electricity? We would have to move around, find interests in things other than TV’s, video games, iPhones, social media, etc. If you wanted something done, you did it yourself.
    Another malady that haunts our country and the world is the unsatisfiable desire to look the best, feel the best, and be the best. Everyday, we look online and see people who might be doing better in life than us at that moment. And that just makes us feel bad about ourselves, so much to the point that we take our own lives.
    Benjamin Franklin, I don’t have anything against you, but you made a mistake.
    Sure, our lives would be absolutely nothing like they are now. We would have to get into our horse and buggy and travel across the rough roads to deliver a message. We would have to spend hours upon hours repairing and making clothing and our broken wheel-axles.
    I have come to this realization; we have come to rely so much on electricity that it is almost inconceivable to imagine a life without it. It is one of the many, many inventions we have taken for granted.
    So yes, I wish electricity was never discovered. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the past, but is that such a bad thing?