Dec 01

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese. Now let me ask you a question, have you ever heard anyone say “Darn, I could really go for some fresh spoiled milk curds”. Well, apparently I have because whenever I hear the words “Cottage” and “Cheese” all I can think about is that one time in fourth grade, or maybe it was fifth grade. But all I can think of is when I was surprised with spoiled milk with curds in it and I was revolted, I didn't drink milk for a good week after. I also despise of Cottage Cheese because it looks as if somebody had left their yogurt out of their fridge for at least a good week or two. To me, Cottage Cheese is the equivalent to bruises on bananas. It's not bad for you, just it doesn't feel right eating it. Now I know that normal cheese isn't different, but normal cheese is different for me as the good stuff is aged and actually looks appetizing unlike the moist clumpiness of Cottage Cheese. I also question on how Cottage Cheese was invented. I bet you that one day long ago that somebody had forgotten a pail of milk and when they finally remembered their pail of milk they saw that it was all curds. And I bet that they thought “Hm, That looks delicious and I am going to eat that whole pail filled with curdled milk and then put the leftovers on a Cantaloupe (and yes that is a thing)”. Now I know that some people out there think Cottage Cheese is good and I do not blame them because it probably has many health benefits. However I do not see Cottage Cheese as Cottage Cheese, I see Cottage Cheese as Curdled Milk. Now to end this rant on Cottage Cheese I just want to say one thing. If it's normal to eat Cottage Cheese then shouldn't it be normal to eat all bruised bananas (and banana bread doesn't count).
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