Apr 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Last


This is your last chance.
I don’t write to you on a whim,
only with a bad circumstance,
as our future looks so dim.

My words might not make you enraged,
but I hope you try to take action,
as this is a battle we have all waged;
we are killing our home fraction by fraction.

Don’t try to ignore this plea,
or say that you don’t take part,
as you pour oil into our seas.
This isn’t something we can restart.

Don’t you see how we impact Earth?
Take a minute to look around,
try to decide everything’s worth.
Now imagine it all torn down.

This is might come tomorrow,
in a century or ten years.
The end won’t consist of flowers and rainbows,
but rather screams and guilty tears.

So to you whom I implore,
I have a request for you;
let’s stop all the hate and all the wars,
and come together to solve this issue.