May 18
Nicole Jasmin's picture


What if the world is just an illusion?
What if these "human beings" are just figures in a very long dream?
Maybe waking up means going into another dream after the next.
I've been wondering this for a week now,
And I at least need to get it out of my brain.
Why do we hear voices talking to us?
Why do we feel emotions?

What if we're some of the illusions?
I don't know right now, 
Can someone please tell me,
Are we even here right now?
Maybe the emotions we feel are just us in our slumber, feeling something when we are sleeping.
Maybe all the insects are feelings on our non-existent bed, or maybe sounds in the night.
Maybe all the friends and family we have are not there in our "real life".

The world, if it even exists, may never know...