Oct 24
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Week 7-Thinking of Food

She saw a pile of food. Her mouth started watering. Mmm, I would love something to eat. Maybe I could have that yummy yellow banana? Is dinner waiting for me at home? I would love to fill my empty stomach. It really hurts. Oh, I smell chocolate chip cookies. I wonder where that’s coming from? Maybe I have enough money to get one if I find the source of the smell? She keeps staring at the food. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

Her stomach started growling. Oh man. Maybe I should get a hamburger? I can’t go home yet or I’ll get yelled at. I should find something tasty to eat or drink. Maybe my mom would let me get home early? I don’t know. Maybe I should ask? Or go to one of my friends house and ask if I could stay for dinner. Anyways, my family has dinner very late and my friends usually have dinner at the time most people do. Aww man. I’m super hungry. My legs hurt after running though. Why did I have to do that? What should I eat?

She couldn’t make up her mind but she couldn’t get something unless she knew what it was. I got to choose quickly. Maybe something sweet or spicy? Something filling or a snack? Probably a snack. Should it be healthy? Yeah, healthy. Hmmmm. Oh! I got it! I should eat…. a peach! I love those things. Yeah. Let’s go find a peach. So she got up and went to find a peach.