Oct 26
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The Girl Who Is Thinking

There is a girl, she is sitting on a bench. She isn’t talking just thinking. Then she looks at me puzzled. But I’m the only one who can hear what she is thinking. She says: will they like me, will they hate me. Am I thin enough, am I tall enough. I go up and I’m about to give her a hug but she pushes me away. She starts to cry, I start to cry. She gets up and starts to run, I start to run.but I can still hear her thoughts: no one likes me everyone hates me, I want to leave this place, no one cares about me. I start to walk away from her.

Then I feel a hug and it was from the girl she doesn’t speak she only uses her thoughts to speak and I can hear them and she says: your the only one who cares about me because you are the only one who gets me. She is now gone and I am the only one there. I wipe the tears from my eyes and it still feels like she’s here that’s because she is and that girl is me.