Nov 14
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“Give it back!” Alison yells as she tries to rip her doll, Ruby, out of her older brothers tight grasp. He yanks it back, weakening her grasp even further. After a few tugs back in forth, he fully pulls it out of her hands. He triumphantly laughs and yells “Never!” Holding the doll up to the ceiling. Before he feels too pleased with himself she tackles him. Knocking him to the ground. He still holds the doll in his hands. She catches on of its plastic arms as he rolls over, causing it to tear off. She looks at the arm stunned. Her brother runs over. “I can fix this.” he reaches over to grab the arm.

    “You ruined my life!” she yells in his face as she bursts out crying.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“How could you?” she says through gasps and wiping tears. Soon their mother runs in with a concerned look. “What in the world is going on?” before she can even finish Alison blurts. “Tyler hurt Ruby!” Their mother looks back at Tyler with a disappointed look. The guilt overwhelms him. He knows what he has to do. He runs to his room grabs his piggy bank, runs outside, grabs his bike and rides the 2 miles to the toy store.

    Once he gets there he asks the man in the store for the dolls. The man guides him to the dolls. There it was a brand new Ruby doll. Shinny new plastic. He walks up to the checkout line, opens the bottom of his piggy bank, counts out the coins, and hands them to the man.    “Kid this isn’t enough.” he says sounding annoyed. Tyler let out a sigh and explained what happened and how guilty he feels. The man looks at him uninterested. “I’ll take what you got, just get out of here before my boss sees you.” He thanks the man and bikes home.
    When he arrives his mom is sitting on the porch with a worried look. “Where have you been young man? I was worried sick.” she says as she comes over and hugs him. He pulls out the new doll and shows her. She smiles and guides him inside. There his sister was. Sitting on the floor still crying. He hands the doll to her and she stops sniffling. She opens the box and hugs the doll, Then hugs her brother. After that he never touched her dolls ever again.
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