Nov 22

How To Write

get a no.2 pencil, a sheet of paper or a computer
grab some snacks and maybe a drink or two
and stretch. you don’t want any aches or pains while you’re writing, it’s a fairly long process. whether it be a poem or a story, create a character—
give them goals, hopes, and dreams; give them a love interest and a sibling.
do not think about their short auburn hair,
they aren’t supposed to be in your story
and do not write about the way they talk, like they’re always right, like they’re the victim, like they can never do wrong.
erase their name,
delete it.
leave your bitterness at the door,
take a deep breath,
and write about the color of the sky
purple, blue, red, orange, pink—write about how the waves kiss the moon at night,
her mistress.
don’t ever write about their eyes
or their lips
or their laugh
you can’t write about things that aren’t yours
(not that they were ever yours to begin with)
stick to things you know, or you wish you didn’t know
and write.
About the Author: hills1
Saniyah Elizabeth Hill