Jan 07

In The Pines

Soft ground and small feet helped me navigate. I was running through mud and snow, barefoot.

I chose to be free and wild in this nature. I had no fears. The home that I grew up in was full of sharks and danger -- mother so sweet but I chose crazy. The ants that crawled around the yard and the trail to my own haven. We built the world out of pine trees. We burned our clothes and papers because it felt like we were camping every single day. The excitement and the love -- the bond of the kids in the woods. You would think we howled at the moon. We had a pool, small but deep enough for me to hold my breath, and swim in circles. This was the most I had in my entire life -- I had my body and the earth and it was all I needed.

We ate blackberries off of the bushes in the backyard like it was our only fuel. We biked with cans and hunted good, and caught tadpoles. The earth offered me more than I could give back to it when I was young. The pines were my first love. I was led by angels of people who taught me the directions, who inspired me to be free. I was taught how to care and sing.

These things that I found out while climbing trees mean everything to me. It's like the wind was whispering the truth into my ears, and here I am in later years knowing that I am in all of these things.

So, I still walk barefoot shine or snow to always remember who I was at my home. I love the fog that hugs on my mountains and my soul in the dirt and the warmth that I sheltered myself with.

The feel of green prickly trees and musty moss, that grew for acres that I got lost in. I wish I could always live in the pines.
About the Author: Jay.marie
~ Jay Lyric