Feb 01

1 in 5

**tw: sexaul assault**

When I hear those numbers,
The ones that say 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime,
I still do the same thing I did when I was 11 and first heard that.
I look around.
And I count.
I count the number of other girls in the room.
This time there were 10 of us.
That means two of us are likely to be victims of sexual assault in our lifetime.
My stomach turns and twists.

I know I'm one. And my heart breaks for whoever the other person is.
Because no one, absolutely no one,
Deserves to go through that.
There's more statistics of course.
1 in four girls will be sexually assaulted before they turn eighteen.
That's still at least two of us.
There's list
Of statistics.
Every time I hear them I can't help but count.
I don't typically mention it unless it’ll help the conversation.
Because it's a scary thought.
It's hard to look around, not knowing whos gonna be hurt,
Not knowing if it's you, or if it's the girl to your left.
I know that it's me, and if I could, I would suffer again to stop any other person from having to go through that.

I hope, with every ounce of my body,
That when I have kids, whether boy or girl, that they won't have to go through that.
I really hope that I won't have to sit them down and talk about walking with keys
between their fingers.
I never want my son or daughter to be fighting back tears at three in the morning
because the memories feel to real.
No one should ever have to go fight those demons.

But it's not enough to just hope, so I read the news, I hear their stories,
And fight like hell to spread awareness and make a change.