Feb 03

A Surfeit of Riches

Month Two of the new, improved Voice -- and we are thrilled with the exceptional writing, photos and art you see in this issue! This is just a sample of the many high quality posts submitted on youngwritersproject.org recently. Wish we could have included everything we loved here. But there's always next month.
  • Kudos to LadyMidnight for her cover photo of winter waves on Lake Champlain. Beautiful.
  • Vermont Writes Day, YWP's annual day of writing on Feb. 1 -- what a blast! -- brought in hundreds of poems and stories from people across the state and beyond -- and we hope they discovered that writing is FUN and the YWP community is amazing!
  • This month, we were also delighted by the artwork of students at Danville School, submitted to YWP by their teacher Abigail Bartell, abartell. Thanks Ms Bartell! You'll see the students' drawings and digital art throughout this issue. See Deanna Santo's piece on the opposite page, titled "Upside Down Picasso: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." Incredible. A big thank you to all photographers, artists, and, of course, writers who wow us every day at YWP with your talent, humor, creativity, originality and hard work! 
  • And remember to join us for Writing on the Roof in February:
  • Killer College Essay, especially (but not only) for juniors and seniors, on Feb. 12 (6.30-8 pm at the Karma Bird House, 47 Maple Street, Burlington. More info and sign up
  • Exploring Poetry with Alexandra Contreras-Montesano on Feb. 23 (10-11:30 am at the Karma Bird House). More info and sign up here!
Until next time, keep writing! Keep creating!
- Susan Reid, Executive Director, Young Writers Project
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