Feb 07
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All the Pets

My dad let me go to the pet store today.

He said to pick a pet that I wanted.   

I wanted a little hamster that I would name Jerry.

But when I got there, I couldn’t decide.

Did I really want Jerry, or did I a want a spider named Milly?

Or a bunny named Hun?

What about Jake the snake?

I wanted all of them.

I wanted Pink the goldfish,

Lilly the frog,

Bob the pig.

I needed Leo the green parakeet,

Grace the water Dragon,

Cody the Veiled Chameleon,

And Luna, Leah, and Lucy, the Fancy Hermit Crab sisters.

My dad asked me if I really wanted all those pets.

“Are there any pets you don’t like?” he asked me, teasingly.

“Some,” I said, “but those weird ones still need homes, too.”

Aidan the rat needed a home,

So did Claire and Theo, the Veiltail Betta couple,

Gabby the Cherry Shrimp,

And even Seth the ferret.

Dad told me that he wanted a small rodent himself.

“Which one?” I asked. “There are so many.”

There was Baby the dwarf hampster,

Cora the mouse,

and Marco the Chinchilla.

Then, the voice from the loudspeaker rang out across the store.

“Five minutes until closing time, shoppers.”

Oh no! Five minutes left until I have to leave, and I still haven’t picked out a pet!

I ran around the store looking at all the pets.

There were so many! I didn’t want to leave any behind.

Finally, I decided and my dad brought me to the checkout desk.

“Which pet do you want?” the clerk asked me.

“All of them!” I said.

The pet clerk and my dad exchanged looks.

My dad said no.

I argued with him,

but he still said “no”.

So, I went home with no pet.

I guess I’ll just have to come back with my mom.  

She’ll let me get all of them.