Mar 08
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The First Day Of School

“ It’s school time girls.”

“ Time to make some girls cry.”

The pines and well every rich girl go to this private only girls school. And you know in almost every school there are the cool girls who are the pines. The shy girls who are the oaks. And the smart girls who are the maypoles.

“ Why school. June how do you get by?”
“ I just think happy thoughts that’s all.”

“ Oh like that will work. In the part of the school me and July go to we have to deal with the Pines.”

“ Ugg the Pines are the worst.”

“ And here they come now.”

“Hello Juline.”

“ Hello Ash, and my names not Juline it’s July.”

“ Yeah whatever, hey May do have my summer reading and the writing done for me.”

“ Yes I did and here you go Leah.”

“ Thanks.”

“ Oh here come the Oaks.”

“ shut up 4th grader.”

“  Um excuse me who do you think you are being mean to a 4th grader smarten up and learn how to be nice for once.”

“ And um who are you talking?”
“  I’m talking to you missy.”

“ Oh and who are you.”

“ I’m Cherry and I’m in 12th grade so you better listen to me okay so leave these girls alone okay thanks bye.”

“ Why should I.”

“ Don’t you dare get smart with me cause I know who the principal is.”

“ Oh yeah who is she?”

“ She’s my mom and you better leave before I call her.”

“ Oh Yeah Like you would.”

“ Oh okay I’m gonna count to three and I’m gonna take out my phone and call her. One… Two….”

“ Okay okay we will leave them alone.”

At the end of the day

“ Your Cherry right?”

“ Yes I am and who are you.”

“ I’m May and I am A 9th grader and I just wanted to say was thank you for helping out my sister.”

“ Oh no prob It’s just what I like to do when I’m not shy.”

“ Come on sis we got to go like now.”

“ Oh I gotta go see you tomorrow I guess.”

“ Yeah see you tomorrow May.”

After that day the Pines smarted up and stopped being mean and started being nice.”
The end