Mar 19

The Bird

    Come, little bird, come to me. I can use you.

    Come to me, little bird. Come. I will keep you safe.

    Come! I need you! I will keep you safe, in a nice cage.

    I will keep you as safe as I can. We will be friends. You will be free.

    Free birds are nothing. Birds in captivity are useful. You can be useful!

    I will treat you as an equal. Your wings will be valued.

    Wings are only what makes you a bird. Does it really matter?

    Everything about you matters. You are a bird.

    Bah! And what use is a bird if it is not in captivity?

    You don’t have to be useful. Just be my friend.

    Imagine if you had to be someone’s friend. How awful would that be?

    Please, bird?

    Now, bird!

    Thank you, friend!

    No! Wait! Where are you going?!

    We are safe together.