Mar 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Vanilla

Sunlight is what I see in you

You remind me of sunlight. 
Not only in the amber tone of your skin, 
but in your glowing hair and your 
radiant smile. 
When I'm around you it feels like 
I'm touching the sun. 
I'm Icarus and you are the tempting
star, just barely out of reach. 
Sometimes I feel like I can't 
look right at you, for fear 
of losing my sight altogether. 
But I continue to steal glances, 
desperate for one last look. 
Even if it means it will be 
ingrained in my mind
for moments to come.
And yet, even as I 
see you so often 
I fear I'm far away from you. 
But still I bask in the little 
patches of warmth that you give me
when you look happy. 
I exclaim my admiration for the sun. 
It brings me closer. 
Still far away from the sun, for it's impossible 
to touch or to hold. 
But closer.