Mar 31
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Nightmare or Is it Real?

I wake up to a vast, open land. Or maybe I'm dreaming. Rubbing my eyes, I see nothing familiar. Where am I? Ok. I think to myself. Wake up. But, I don't. I splash myself with the cold water from the lake in front of me. I still don't wake up in my soft bed, I still am in this mystery world.

I look around. The only living thing is a sad looking tree. And me. But why? Why am I here? My mind searches for any trace of memory I had before this. In other words-how did I get here exactly? Sitting in the corner of my brain, I find one memory: the dock. I remember jumping off a  floating dock and hitting my head on something. Piece by piece, memories appear. And as I put the puzzle together, I realized that I had jumped on a floating dock, hit my head on something and landed on a floatie which carried all the way here. Thank godness for that floatie or else I wouldn't be waking up; mystery world or not. Now, how do I get back?