Vermont Young Playwrights -- Day 2 -- High School

VYP 2018 -- Cold Readings - First Round

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 1)

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 2)

Staged Readings
For MIDDLE SCHOOL VYP 2018 videos, go here: For texted responses to Middle School cold readings:

Welcome. These are the full videos of the two rounds of High School Cold Readings and the afternoon of Staged Readings at the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.  Warning, some contain profanity.

Cold Readings - 1:  #1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle). Texted responses to plays, go here:

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Middle School Videos

First Cold Readings on Monday May 21

Second Cold Readings on Monday May 21

Staged Readings on Monday May 21

For videos of High School cold readings and staged performances, go here:

Welcome. Here are the recorded feeds from the first day of the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival featuring some great plays by Middle School students throughout Vermont. Enjoy. The cold readings include feedback sessions. The program and festival is a collaboration between Vermont Stage Company, Flynn Center for Performing Arts and Young Writers Project. Professional actors and student actors read the parts.


Vermont Young Playwrights -- Stream

We apologize. Flynn Center lost its Internet for a while. It’s back.Performances are being recorded and We will post reading of Rock Point School  play later.  Welcome. This is the live stream for the second day of the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival at Flynn Space. 

Tuesday's lineup: 9:45-11:15 first round of cold readings of high school playwrights. 11:30-1 p.m. second round of cold readings of high school playwrights.

Tuesday 2 -4 p.m. Staged Readings of high school playwrights, including one by YWP's MaisieN!

For yesterday's videos of middle school performances:


March 16-- SoundCheck in Burlington

Mark MARCH 16 on your calendars. YWP's monthly pizza/workshop/open mic at Burlington City Arts -- was again postponed because of snow -- and will focus on gun violence, school safety, political inaction.

PLEASE COME. Join in a workshop with YWP's Denise Casey and Rajnii Eddins at 6 p.m. and open mic at 7 p.m. Bring your writing. Bring your outrage.



Thesbians, playwrights, lend me your ...


Have you always wanted to write a play? Have you always thought that you were good at writing dialog, creating characters, creating drama?

WE WANT YOU! YWP is providing you three more weeks of its Playwriting Workshop ON THIS SITE. Geoff Gevalt and others will provide you feedback and help you finish a 10-minute play. The best h.s. and middle school plays will be presented ON STAGE at the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival May 21-22.

Jump in: JOIN. Don't Delay!
Jan 27

A Song

Hey little girl, with your heart full of fears,
You’ve got your head in your hands, and your eyes full of tears.
Oh why do they call you these terrible things?
They trip up your feet, and they step on your wings.
They say that you aren’t worthy of affection,
And I say, don’t ever doubt yourself.
I’ve seen your highs,
I’ve seen your lows,
I know that you are beautiful,
So don’t listen to a word they say,
‘Cause they don’t know who you are.

Hey little girl, you know you’re not alone,
There’s this boy on the street, he plays the saxophone.
He’s got a case full of coins and seems to smile as he plays,
And laughs with everyone who comes his way.
He seems to be at ease with the attention,
But I know, sometimes he doubts himself.
So tell him, ‘play your heart, play your soul,
‘Cause that music of yours is beautiful,
And don’t listen to a word they say,
Dec 17


I glided across the stage, letting the music take hold of me.
Who knew I could switch from tense and quivering to cool, calm and collected so quickly?
In the beginning, standing in the wings, I trembled so nervously as I watched the beautiful dancer fouette across the rough floor.
When she finished, I emerged from the curtains and stood so stiffly that my insides cramped. 
I stood there, frazzled at how large the audience was, how eager they were to watch me dance.
Finally, my feet began to move.
They swept off the floor so elegantly, making a soft "tap" whenever my toe touched the ground again. 
I felt like the swirling wind had gotten a grasp on me, never letting me go again.
But it wasn't bad. 
No, not bad at all.
In fact, it was rather amazing.
This was when I realized that there was no need to be nervous, but to be prepared and excited for what lies ahead.
Nov 25


My anxiety is there; it is always with me. It is the itch on my back I can’t reach, the worrying thought forever in my brain. It is the hidden factor in all my thoughts, the constant fear of what will happen that drives my life. It makes the impossible options the most real, the most powerful. It turns the pleasant memories into the ones that make me afraid of what happens when I close my eyes. It makes me afraid to fall asleep because when I do, I don’t know what happens, outside my window, outside my door, in my closet. It makes me afraid to speak in public because I know I’ll mess up, even when I don’t. It’s in my every nerve, it runs through me with every pump of the heart. With every step that moves me forward, it asks, would it be better if I didn’t?
Nov 14

The Maze That Is My Mind

Dive into the maze that is my mind
Open the doors and look inside
See the clutter piling up
See the facts collecting dust
See the machines, never sleeping
See the emotions, always leaking
Search the maze that is my mind
Prepare yourself for what you’ll find

Open this door of gilded gold
In this chamber, you’ll behold
A stage on which a young girl stands
Surrounded by adoring fans
She sings with a voice light and high
She dances as though she could fly
Her beauty none would dare approach
Her smile could blind through a haze of smoke
She stops, for her performance is done
And without hesitation, the crowd rises as one
They cheer her on, voices loud
She bows to them, expression proud
It seems so real until you stare
Then the scene vanishes into thin air
Left in its place is a lonely girl
Who tries to live in another world
Nov 12

Winter Tales

Every year, Young Writers Project and Vermont Stage team up for the annual Winter Tales extravaganza! This year, 14 YWP writers will have their work performed by Vermont Stage actors at seven shows from Dec. 11-15 at Main Street Landing's Black Box Theatre, Burlington. Read on to enjoy the tales of winter as told by YWP writers! YWP received so many amazing poems and stories about winter that we can't present them all here, but we have collected many of them, including those that will be performed by Vermont Stage. Those pieces include the date and time of their performance. Interested in attending Winter Tales? Find out more here and buy tickets!
Nov 08

Words are interesting, right?

Words are interesting, right?
They’re just letters we string together and decide to add spaces in between.
We have so many rules for words, and what they do.
We learn them from early on, 
"Good morning class, today we will be learning grammar and sentence structure.
The first rule I am going to teach you is easy to remember with a cute rhyme; I before E except after C"
"Excuse me? What about the word WEIRD?" 
"Well.. um.. Let’s move on!" 
Turns out we can’t explain everything with words.
Especially emotions.
Have you ever thought to think about why we created swear words at all?
Seriously, we have all these words that we tell our children not to say,
not to ever say.
And some listen,
but even the best of us swear sometimes.


My personality was the last one picked for the kickball team It was shy, The one who stayed quiet In the chattering mob of students who Didn’t like me. “Why didn’t they like me?” Negative thoughts bombarded me On those lonely nights, Sitting on my front porch, Watching as cars whizz Past in a flurry of Colorful lights. Like all those people, Rushing past, But never stopping for a Closer look. Fast forward To now, my personality is smart. It is funny and self confident. “But why doesn’t SHE like me?” Those thoughts still Plague me Like mosquitos, Sucking the all hope Out like blood. But the mosquitos go away In the winter. “Why doesn’t SHE like me?” I guess the mosquitos Aren’t leaving This year. I try to outrun the mosquitos With positivity, hiding the pain Behind a Plastic mask of my face. But life is a balancing act, And sometimes You fall off the tightrope. You hang on for dear life, Your weak biceps Struggling to hold on, your fingers Slipping with every insult that
Sep 16
Noquell_21's picture


Royal Jewelry Red, The color of your mom’s ruby necklace that you broke when you were

Caramelized Orange, The color of the sweet potato fries your mom made (and burned) for you.

Warm Dark Yellow, The color of the Golden Retriever puppy you got when you were 6 years old.

Dead Green, The color that your grass is after you mow it.

Riptide Blue, The color that the ocean was the very first time you went.

Enlightening Purple, The color of your favorite lamp that your mom got you at the flea market.

Heartbreak Pink, The sticker color you put on the polaroid of you and your now ex-boyfriend.

Endless Black, The color of your shirt you wore every day during middle school

Blinding White, The color of your smile after you brush them.


VYP-High School Cold Readings

VYP 2019 -- Middle School Staged Readings

This is the full video of all the staged readings of Vermont Middle School plays in the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival 2019.


VYP 2019 -- Middle School Cold Readings

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Middle School Cold Readings, May 2, morning.
Apr 30

VYP 2019

Apr 26
madge's picture


My name is Mia.
I am tall for my age.
I have light brown hair with natural highlights in it.
My eyes are green.
I wear glasses on my face.
I have a kind soul,
And a pure heart set on doing the right thing, 
Even if knowones watching.
Apr 22
Jen L.'s picture

The Odd Child

Opening scene

A tin box drops in the middle of a farm and the farmer walks over to it.

Farmer: Julia! Come here! You won’t believe what I just saw!

Julia runs over.

Julia: What is it Bill? Another shooting star?

Farmer Bill: Naw. You see this tin box. It dropped out of nowhere! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The box shakes a little. Bill and Julia jump. Bill walks over to it.

Julia: Be careful Bill. You don’t know what could be in there.

Bill opens the box.

Farmer Bill: Aw, Julia. It’s just a tiny baby. I wonder how it ended up in here. (To the baby) That must have been a pretty hard fall. We should take you inside and make sure you’re okay.

Bill hands the baby to Julia and they walk into the house.
Mar 26

The devil baby

   I go to wake up Charle and I know once I wake him up, his eyes are a completely different color. They were a beautiful light blue but now they are a hideous black making look like the devil possessed him. When my Ma saw him she said the same thing, she said the devil was always such a swine because he could not see God's true beauty in life. She also said that I should take him the doctors. So I got him an appointment later that day. When the doctor looked at him he had said that he was perfectly normal except for the eyes. He said that we could give some eye drops for it though and you should see an immediate result. When I put the eye drops in him while he was lying down and they did not change at all. I start to worry. I start to breath heavy and shake. I start to shut down. I start to see black I start to fall, Nicole came by a little while ago and she sees what is happening. She comes to me as I fall. I completely black-out.