May 23

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Day 2 -- High School

VYP 2018 -- Cold Readings - First Round

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 1)

Cold Readings - Second Round (Part 2)

Staged Readings
For MIDDLE SCHOOL VYP 2018 videos, go here: For texted responses to Middle School cold readings:

Welcome. These are the full videos of the two rounds of High School Cold Readings and the afternoon of Staged Readings at the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival.  Warning, some contain profanity.

Cold Readings - 1:  #1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle). Texted responses to plays, go here:
May 21

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Middle School Videos

First Cold Readings on Monday May 21

Second Cold Readings on Monday May 21

Staged Readings on Monday May 21

For videos of High School cold readings and staged performances, go here:

Welcome. Here are the recorded feeds from the first day of the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival featuring some great plays by Middle School students throughout Vermont. Enjoy. The cold readings include feedback sessions. The program and festival is a collaboration between Vermont Stage Company, Flynn Center for Performing Arts and Young Writers Project. Professional actors and student actors read the parts.

May 20

Vermont Young Playwrights -- Stream

We apologize. Flynn Center lost its Internet for a while. It’s back.Performances are being recorded and We will post reading of Rock Point School  play later.  Welcome. This is the live stream for the second day of the 2018 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival at Flynn Space. 

Tuesday's lineup: 9:45-11:15 first round of cold readings of high school playwrights. 11:30-1 p.m. second round of cold readings of high school playwrights.

Tuesday 2 -4 p.m. Staged Readings of high school playwrights, including one by YWP's MaisieN!

For yesterday's videos of middle school performances:

Mar 17

March 16-- SoundCheck in Burlington

Mark MARCH 16 on your calendars. YWP's monthly pizza/workshop/open mic at Burlington City Arts -- was again postponed because of snow -- and will focus on gun violence, school safety, political inaction.

PLEASE COME. Join in a workshop with YWP's Denise Casey and Rajnii Eddins at 6 p.m. and open mic at 7 p.m. Bring your writing. Bring your outrage.


Mar 12

Thesbians, playwrights, lend me your ...


Have you always wanted to write a play? Have you always thought that you were good at writing dialog, creating characters, creating drama?

WE WANT YOU! YWP is providing you three more weeks of its Playwriting Workshop ON THIS SITE. Geoff Gevalt and others will provide you feedback and help you finish a 10-minute play. The best h.s. and middle school plays will be presented ON STAGE at the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival May 21-22.

Jump in: JOIN. Don't Delay!
Mar 07
lilnoreault's picture

Let’s Fight Back

We let them say everything that comes to mind 
but we,
aren't  even allowed to wear a thin strap crop top 
Does anyone see what's wrong with that statement?!?

women are being told what to wear when we aren't even the topic of the issue?


everything about that is terrible.

if we say something too 'feminist like'

we are looked at and criticized 
because we speak are mind

And it's the things such as comments like

"you suck at this"

"girls can't do this"

that we have stopped trying
the fight in us has burned out

fight back
i don't care 
even if it's another girls fight. Don't let her fight the fight alone
Our voice is louder together.

Nov 05
lilnoreault's picture

Hello Anyone?

My voice has gone clouded 
The words don't show up anymore
Power that once stood in the palm of my hand
has turned to ash
in the nick of time
I won't be around
someone will take my place
NOTHING stays Forever
so while I have some voice
some control of my path
and where I'm headed
what are you even doing?
it's like your not even trying to hide
whatd Wrong anymore
whats your problem 
come on people
we are supposed to be the future we have done barely anything to change the fate
of the direction we are heading
can we just look at the stats 
the positions 
why are fighting over the little things when are planet is heating up
animals are going towards extinction 
The sea levels are rising
and we haven't even taken one step in the right direction 
listen up people while we still have time
this is everyone's problem and it's not fake 
Nov 04

what if?

what if-
what if-
what if-
so many things could happen
only some of them will,
and hopefully only the good ones,
but everyone knows it doesn't go that way.
what if-
what if-
what if-
at a point in my life where embarrassment is disastrous,
this is more like standing on a cliff than a stage.
i may fall, or i may climb, but no one can see into the future 
and tell me which.
what if-
what if-
what if-
Apr 26

Short Film
A few friends and I have just finished a short film for a 72-hour Online Film Slam. There are over 200 people competing, including individuals from overseas, and the films have to include certain elements (multiculturalism, a dance scene, an unlikely hero character, and a certain genre; ours was comedy). Our movie, "Escapade in 2D", is embedded below; if you like it, please vote for it using this link: (and if you don't like it, well, we did the best we could and unfortunately cannot do better at the moment).

If you so wish, you can help us gain public approval by spreading the film to your connections.

Thank you!

Apr 06

My Friends

Sorry wanted to do one more song "I will miss you my friends I'm going to a far away place I'm glad to call you my friends your all ways there for me my friends will stay by my side through thick and thin no matter what My friends will help me when I need it That is what all my friends do for me"  Again sorry it was so short.
Apr 06

Listen to music of your heart

One more short song by me "Listen to music of your heart listen to the music of your heart it may tell you share your feelings open up dont let anybody push you down for you are greatness. listen to the music of your heart" sorry it was so short I couldnt think of anything else 
Apr 03

My song

Today I am going to try something diffrent and do a song, so here it is... "You make me smile through all the rainy days, when we first met all we said was hey, after that day I wanted to call you bae, you turned me down breaking my heart to peices, I come back saying its probaly for the best, but her father through me off the step saying stay away she don't need a troublemaker, so I walked away in shame."  so um yeah I don't know how good it is but that was my song
Mar 29

One More Day (song)

Don’t want to get out of bed, don’t want to open your eyes.
Maybe if you wait it’ll all disappear.
Your heart’s feeling empty, you forgot how to cry.
It would be easier if you could just lay here.

Just one more day, I swear
that’s all it’s gonna take, you’re almost there.
One more day,
just one more day.

I know you’re tired, know that everything hurts,
but I know you can stand, take a moment to breathe.
Braid back your hair, put on your favorite shirt,
you’ve done this before, I promise, you’ll see.

Just one more day, I swear,
that’s all you gotta bear, I swear just
one more day,
just one more day.

So run, girl, run, like you’ve got hell on your heels,
your feet are on fire and your lungs can’t breathe.
And dance, girl, dance, you know how good it feels,
it’s just you and the drums and their beautiful beat.

Take a moment, look around.
Mar 27
lilnoreault's picture

A Helpless crush

A hopeless crush
One that no one can choose
from one stupid glance to that awful amazing smile
No matter what age 
from 5 or 80 
you can't help falling
for everything good
and denying the bad
we love them for all they do
to there walk, laugh, to even the way they act
They may do anything wrong
you don't care 
you enjoy them no matter what
even if they were to never love you back
You won't let that stop you ever
even if they hurt you in every way possible
even if they never noticed you 
that's just how a hopeless crush goes

Mar 26
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Virus at home blog

Welcome to the Virus Blog! 

I have been in my house and have not left for 12 days. Yep any body else have 10 packs of broccoli in there house. All I want to do is go to the mall or ya know what THE LIBRARY. But nope that's closed too. I have almost finished ALL of greys anatomy. I have also made Angels food cake and drank 8 root beers In one week. I'm going crazy in my house I hope your doing better than me see ya later 
This is going to be a long year

Mar 26

My home away from home

My home away from home is probaly my school, There I can socalize, laugh, and just be myself. To me these are the that makes a home a home. and even if the school shuts down because of a virus, we all keep in touch no matter what. So yes my school is my home away frome home, and I dont care if people think its stupid because it fells like home to me. 
Mar 23

Dramatic Monologue

    I remember the day I died, less than the day I was born but more than the first day I said my own name. I remember how I got there just as well as when I left, and your  voice still echoes on the pages that I tear up for warmth among the blazing hellscape buried beneath. 
“It is not about how you get there, or how quickly you make it, it is about who you get there for. You will spend the rest of your life trying to get there, and when you finally do, there will be no one left waiting for you. I won’t even be there to say ‘I told you so’”
Mar 01

Thou Art A genius

Characters: Burkit, prisoner
                    Durwin, prisoner
                    Algernon, prison supervisor 

Setting: A cell in a castle’s dungeon.
At Rise: Burkit and Durwin center stage sitting on a dungeon bench, imprisoned. Downstage is the ‘hallway’ which Algernon walks down. 

(Scrutinizing dungeon) Look at this  place, it's filthy! A rat would rather stay with a cat than live here. 

(Walks around and making faces at the dirt)

Dark, dingy, completely horrible, and overly crowded. I’m not sure how many people are here any more. Random strangers commit minor infractions towards the king and are tossed here. Everyone is packed in like sardines!

(raising head to speak to ALGERNON)
Too bad you can’t create more space.

(Algernon stays facing forwards towards the audience as he talks)
( with pride)
Feb 18

Jupiter (song)

I wished upon the first star I saw glinting in the sky.
I tried to make it understand the feelings trapped inside.
I poured out all my heart and soul before I realized:
It was Jupiter. Oh, it was Jupiter.

Will it hold my secrets in its storms?
Keep them close like spinning moons?
Or let them loose like shooting stars,
Burning bright for all to see?

Keep them safe, keep them safe, keep them safe for me,
And hold them oh so lovingly,
Like fragile flowers and tender leaves in this cold, hard world.
Keep them safe, keep them safe, keep them safe for me,
They can’t be heard, they can’t be seen,
These words aren’t meant to be released in this cold, hard world.

I wanted to reclaim the words I’d whispered to the night.
I begged for them with hollow pleas, but that little shining light,
It kept them in its rigid grasp, it held them close and tight,
Jan 27

Hey Little Girl (song)

Hey little girl, with your heart full of fears,
You’ve got your head in your hands, and your eyes full of tears.
Oh why do they call you these terrible things?
They trip up your feet, and they step on your wings.
They say that you aren’t worthy of affection,
And I say, don’t ever doubt yourself.
I’ve seen your highs,
I’ve seen your lows,
I know that you are beautiful,
So don’t listen to a word they say,
‘Cause they don’t know who you are.

Hey little girl, you know you’re not alone,
There’s this boy on the street, he plays the saxophone.
He’s got a case full of coins and seems to smile as he plays,
And laughs with everyone who comes his way.
He seems to be at ease with the attention,
But I know, sometimes he doubts himself.
So tell him, ‘play your heart, play your soul,
‘Cause that music of yours is beautiful,
And don’t listen to a word they say,