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The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself. 
-- Albert Camus
Mar 22

What I Love Most

I love soup.
I really, love soup.
I love all the things that can go in soup.
Onions, potatoes, noodles, meat.
I don’t really like tomatoes in it though, or mushrooms,
But those are small complaints really.
Soup is precious, graciously given to you by your mother,
It really should not be taken for granted.
Don’t let tomatoes or mushrooms ruin your soup
Or more sever ingredients, to be realistic.
In a world where kids and adults alike
Focus on those ingredients,
Instead look at the broader picture, recognizing the good in it.  
Soup is warm and inviting, eat it quickly and don’t let it cool.
But don’t eat it too quickly though, you don’t want to look back and
See all that wasted soup that you consumed, and did not taste.

I love soup.
Feb 08
amusanovic's picture

The Jewelry Theft (Play)

CHARACTERS:    CHRIS,35,persistent store owner

            KID,13,persistent thief


SETTING:        Jewelry store

AT RISE:        CHRIS is cleaning the store and opens it for the grand opening.


Roll up everybody,the new jewelry store is now open.
(KID walks in store)

Can I help you kid?
(KID looks over and says nothing)


Who are you?

I’m Bob.

You look a little young to be in a jewelry store.

Yeah so!

I just wanted to know,relax.Who would you even get jewelry for,your family?
Jan 31


my last list wasn't clear enough, so heres a new list:
  • ​Who/what has most inspired you? (essay)
  • What do you fear most?(poem)
  • What is life to you?(poem)
  • What would you die to have erased from everyones memory?(essay)
  • Would the world be the same without you? (fiction)
  • Is Donald J. Trump qualified to be president? (poem)
Dec 16
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What have we done

I woke up in the morning, I was searching for my phone dying to see what had happened after I went to sleep. But before I got to my phone my little sister came back into my room, she said “Mershon Donald Trump is our president”, the look on her face killed me inside, like someone was slowly drilling a hole through my stomach from the inside, her face was a mix of pity, sadness, confusion, and fear. My little sister being a kid of color was in danger. I went to go talk to my mom, and when I walked into her room I could see the look of sadness on her face, the light of her phone shining on her face made it so I could see the single tear slowly trickling down her face, like America, just slowly trickling down. That one tear turned into many then almost as if I had caught the disease she had, I started to cry too.
Dec 14
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Goodbye Aleppo [What Makes Me Angry - Syria/Politicians - Pt. 2]

Goodbye Aleppo,
I say my goodbyes
and I give your children my prayers.

I shall always remember your children
as I have, a witness, watched them die
and watched the hearts of their caretakers turn black and wilt. 

Goodbye Aleppo,
All your childrens' faces have been burnt crisp by a missile
and turned yellow and starch with their dark black eyes stuck open
and a permanent look of horror left on their faces.

I have watched since the start of this holocaust,
but nothing did I do,
and now it's your last hour and your last day left on Earth. 

Goodbye Aleppo,
Forever in my prayers,
we always say "never again"
but why does it happen once more?

I do not know why human darkness is here,
its darkness both black as the depressed
Dec 05

Love and Light

At my church, we have a compline service with a guest speaker each week in advent. This is what I am going to say. Feedback would be amazing! Thanks
Nov 07
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Excuses. . . Or why I'm a pathetic artist

     Art to me is so important. It's one of the most vital aspects of my life, it's always something there for me that I can count on. I have been drawing since I was six months old and I can always remember having an eye for detail, attempting to emphasis the very way the thumb digit connected to the main hand, or how eyelashes fall softly and heavily over the eye. I put that into stories which pour forth out of my head, the paint dripping eagerly across the page and the paper soaking it up greedily in return. The smooth ballpoint pen gliding gleefully across the surface, a single line the difference between a grimace or a smirk. All of it, I love it so much; it's me. 
Nov 03

Story Ideas -- Rusty DeWees

Editor's note: Rusty DeWees is a Vermont-based actor, performer and writer. Some know him as The Logger, a backwoods character intended only as a vehicle for his humor and performance style. Duct tape is a big prop. Rusty has appeared in plays, movies and television shows. He writes a regular newspaper column called Scrawlin'. And he does workshops for YWP on occasion.

Audio of Rusty telling Craig & Liddle story, click here.

By Rusty DeWees
Nov 03

Rusty DeWees -- Liddle and Craig

This is a recording of a segment of Rusty DeWees performance work where he is in character as The Logger. This piece is an example of how a story idea can emerge from a little thing, in this case, when Rusty and a friend were driving home one day and his friend saw a three-legged dog, but said to Rusty: "Hey look at that one-legged dog." Which got Rusty to thinking ...

Liddle’s got a one leggid dog. Dog’s got one leg. It’s missin’ three. Dog’s name is Craig.
Oct 31
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Five Thing I Would Tell My Five Year Old Self

Five things I would tell my five year old self are stay at school for Tuesday tutoring at. Also I would tell me try your best in school. You may not like what mom and dad say but there saying it for your own good. Another thing I would tell me is don't listen to your friends if they're telling you to do something stupid. An important thing I would tell me is how I get hurt in the future like scrapes, scabs, cuts, and rolling your ankle. The last thing I would tell myself is be think SMART!!!
Oct 31
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Basketball finals

It was the best sport moment ever.We were losing by 2 points in the semi finals in the Basketball Tournament for 6th graders.To win we had to make 3 points I dident think that we where gonna do it because we only had 10 secounds left and the point guard had the ball.He was at the half court line he Shoot it and went in.The game was a win by the buzzer beater.
Oct 19
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Winter Tales - Snowy Owl

    It was 12:35am on a cold, snowy, winter night. I had woken up from a noise outside my window. I wanted to go look outside and see what made the noise but I was warm and cozy snuggled in my millions of fluffy blankets. I just lay there for a while before I heard in again. I would guess that it was about 5 minutes later. ‘Ok, fine I will get up go go look’ I thought to myself. I sat up. I hadn't realized how cold it actually was. I pushed the blankets off, and stood up. Oh geez, I was so cold. I walked over to my window, when I looked out I saw nothing. “Oh come on. I got out of bed for nothing!” I said aloud. But quickly shutting up. I didn't want to wake up the rest of my family. I ran and jumped back into my bed anxious to get back under my covers. Right as I was getting back under my blankets I heard it again. I ran back to my window.
Oct 06
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About me Part 2



Song:Waiting for Superman by Daughtry





Oct 06
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About me (Noah B)

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