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Aug 25

SoundCheck! Aug. 25

Jul 25
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My Minds Sadistic Smile

Jeremiah its been awhile 

That it has been

I've noticed your trouble

Of course you have, you're me and I'm you.

What gives with you?

What do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean. Where is it?

Its lost.... It was lost a long time ago.

Well you better find it because you're purposely killing us.

Maybe it's not as easy as you say. 

It is, Jeremiah, you just don't want it to be.

I DO!! Because if it was easy I would've fixed it by now!

Listen Jeremiah, it's as easy as a liberty. Everything is hard when you don't look for a solution. 

Shut up....

Tell me the truth Lozada, have you even tried? 


So now you're lying to yourself AND your conscience. How pathetic. You can't even trust the one who completes you.


You're asking a figment of your persona to go find something that you lost, maybe you've lost more than your happiness. Perhaps your sanity as well.

I'm as sane as I've ever been. 

If so, show me your happiness. Show me the Lozada before all the staged anger, all the fake issues that have made you into the freak of nature you are now.


There's a fine line between "lost" and "locked away."

So what if it is locked away?
Jul 19

Spoken Word Performance


Poetry, exhibits, snacks. Come hear Muslim Girls Making Change, Shasparay and other young people share their poetry and stories at Our City/Our Voices, an event at Burlington City Hall Park beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday July 27.

Come give these young people support -- everyone loves an audience. Cool exhibits, snacks and visual art. FREE.

If it rains, it will be in Contois Auditorium in City Hall.
Jul 19

Slam Poetry with Shasparay!

Are you into performance poetry? Want to work with one of the best slam poets in the country? Don't miss this free workshop with Shasparay!

Spectrum's Multicultural Youth Program and Young Writers Project are pleased to invite you to an afternoon with Shasparay, an award-winning slam poet from Forth Worth, Texas, who will provide you a workshop experience you will not forget. Engaging, challenging and extremely talented, Shasparay will help you reach higher!

WHEN: Tuesday, July 25 from 2-4 p.m.
WHERE: 191 North St., Burlington, VT in the conference room. (Ring the buzzer.)
WHAT: Creating powerful performance poetry.

For more information contact [email protected] or [email protected]
Jul 10

Peach Juice

I know I was supposed to write a poem yesterday
I know because I remember pushing myself into
the cage that forms between the desk & the chair
and arming myself against the page with a
single ballpoint pen. 

But instead of writing, I pulled
a sun-ripened peach from the brown paper bag that
my mother had sent me in the mail & I
walked barefoot around my room,
juice dripping down my wrist,
the first taste of peach I had this year.

So I hope that you'll forgive me when
I tell you that
all I have to read is this page,
blank except for the stains of
peach juice.
May 24

Wednesday Slam -- Burlington, VT

Some YWP friends, mentors and coaches will be performing tonight at a FREE and open slam at Arts Riot in Burlington. 6-8 p.m. MGMC (Muslim Girls Making Change), Reuben Jackson, Rajnii Eddins... Any of you interested? Be there!
May 12

Vermont Young Playwrights Festival

The 2017 Vermont Young Playwrights Festival is no history but it was a fantastic, fun, inspiring, emotional two days with the best plays by Vermont middle and high school students presented on stage. The Festival is the culmination of a yearlong series of school visits -- and this year a YWP Academy online workshop -- by professional actors, directors and/or playwrights. The project is led by Vermont Stage Company in partnership with Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and Young Writers Project. 
Below are links to most of the live stream (Flynn Center lost Internet service for much of the first session of high school cold readings).

YWP recorded all the plays and will post, in the coming week, text, audio, video and live texted comments (where available) for each of the highlighted plays. We will announce here when they are ready and all will be sortable via #vyp2017.

ABOVE: Second session of High School staged readings: 7) Control Freak by Olivia Heath; 8) Take Off by Jesse Ruigomez; 9) Jackson by Maisie Newbury; 10) An Academic Burial by Rachel Fickes; 11) Dancing with the Dead by Noah Bessette
May 10

Live Stream of Vermont Playwrights

Welcome to Friday, the second day of the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival. Today features the best high school plays!

YWP, in partnership with Vermont Stage Company and  Flynn Center for Performing Arts creates this playwrighting opportunity and clebration every year. During the festival, cold readings -- professional actors and youth actors provide dramatic readings of plays -- in the morning with audience reaction and discussion and Staged Readings -- rehearsed and directed peresentations -- in the afternoon. Action begins around 9:45; breaks for lunch and resumes in the afternoon until 4 p.m.

At  3 p.m. Friday, respectively, watch and give support to YWP community member Maisie who created her play right here in a YWP Academy workshop! (DELLA had her play staged yesterday!)

Speak out!

The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself. 
-- Albert Camus

TWO UPCOMING VERMONT EVENTS for which we'd love some volunteer presenters:
  • 7 p.m. April 21, Unitarian Church, Montpelier: "Writers Resist" sponsored by RADVT.ORG and WRITERSRESIST.ORG. Contact GG ASAP and send a link to a piece you're thinking about presenting. (I'll help with the edit.) This is not a YWP event. Transportation available.
  • 7 p.m. May 5, Burlington City Arts, Burlington: Sound Check! The FINAL chapter of this year's collaboration between Burlington City Arts and Young Writers Project, looking for applicants to present your best work to a small but supportive (and raucous) audience. CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND TO SIGN UP
Requirements: Passion, strong words and a point. 

Subject area: Resistance. Objection to some of the things happening in our schools, community, government, culture and/or world right now. 

Eligibility: YWP keeps its spaces open to ALL youths regardless of belief system. Be not afraid of what you believe. You will be respected.

Mar 22

What I Love Most

I love soup.
I really, love soup.
I love all the things that can go in soup.
Onions, potatoes, noodles, meat.
I don’t really like tomatoes in it though, or mushrooms,
But those are small complaints really.
Soup is precious, graciously given to you by your mother,
It really should not be taken for granted.
Don’t let tomatoes or mushrooms ruin your soup
Or more sever ingredients, to be realistic.
In a world where kids and adults alike
Focus on those ingredients,
Instead look at the broader picture, recognizing the good in it.  
Soup is warm and inviting, eat it quickly and don’t let it cool.
But don’t eat it too quickly though, you don’t want to look back and
See all that wasted soup that you consumed, and did not taste.

I love soup.

You know what else I love though? Metaphors. Believe it or not this isn’t
A piece about a high schooler and his
Random obsession over a bowl of soup.
It’s about life.
Although, literal soup is pretty hard to pass up.
Now before you reel back your minds
Like old VCR tapes,
Trying to convince yourselves that
There is no possible way that
Any of what I just said could be connected to our lives as humans,
I shall repeat myself,
But in a more, literal, way.

I love life.
I really, love life.
I love all the things that are in my life.
Feb 08
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The Jewelry Theft (Play)

CHARACTERS:    CHRIS,35,persistent store owner

            KID,13,persistent thief


SETTING:        Jewelry store

AT RISE:        CHRIS is cleaning the store and opens it for the grand opening.


Roll up everybody,the new jewelry store is now open.
(KID walks in store)

Can I help you kid?
(KID looks over and says nothing)


Who are you?

I’m Bob.

You look a little young to be in a jewelry store.

Yeah so!

I just wanted to know,relax.Who would you even get jewelry for,your family?

Umm,I do not really have a family or friends,or enough money for recourses to live a normal life.And sorry I was a little bit rude to you.


Would you like a sandwich?



Yes,please that would help,I only had a quarter of a bagel out of the trash for breakfast.I also could only get a drink from the river.

(He starts to cough so that CHRIS thinks he is really a homeless kid)


I will fix a bagel up for you,and some juice,maybe.


That would help,sir.You are really kind.
Jan 31


my last list wasn't clear enough, so heres a new list:
  • ​Who/what has most inspired you? (essay)
  • What do you fear most?(poem)
  • What is life to you?(poem)
  • What would you die to have erased from everyones memory?(essay)
  • Would the world be the same without you? (fiction)
  • Is Donald J. Trump qualified to be president? (poem)
Dec 16
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What have we done

I woke up in the morning, I was searching for my phone dying to see what had happened after I went to sleep. But before I got to my phone my little sister came back into my room, she said “Mershon Donald Trump is our president”, the look on her face killed me inside, like someone was slowly drilling a hole through my stomach from the inside, her face was a mix of pity, sadness, confusion, and fear. My little sister being a kid of color was in danger. I went to go talk to my mom, and when I walked into her room I could see the look of sadness on her face, the light of her phone shining on her face made it so I could see the single tear slowly trickling down her face, like America, just slowly trickling down. That one tear turned into many then almost as if I had caught the disease she had, I started to cry too. My other little sister who is two was very confused, and I think I liked it better like that. My whole family was shocked, in  fact I think the whole US was shocked. Who in their right minds voted for Donald Trump, all that hate I had for him came out in words, like “How..?”, and “This isn't real”. Anyone who voted for Donald Trump that was a women, why? Why on earth would you do that? After all the sexist things he said?. Donald Trump is a pig and now, you know what? He is our president. Why? I honestly don't know, but we chose him so we have to deal with it. 
Dec 14
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Goodbye Aleppo [What Makes Me Angry - Syria/Politicians - Pt. 2]

Goodbye Aleppo,
I say my goodbyes
and I give your children my prayers.

I shall always remember your children
as I have, a witness, watched them die
and watched the hearts of their caretakers turn black and wilt. 

Goodbye Aleppo,
All your childrens' faces have been burnt crisp by a missile
and turned yellow and starch with their dark black eyes stuck open
and a permanent look of horror left on their faces.

I have watched since the start of this holocaust,
but nothing did I do,
and now it's your last hour and your last day left on Earth. 

Goodbye Aleppo,
Forever in my prayers,
we always say "never again"
but why does it happen once more?

I do not know why human darkness is here,
its darkness both black as the depressed
but red as the blood of the innocent, forever unceasing.
Dec 05

Love and Light

At my church, we have a compline service with a guest speaker each week in advent. This is what I am going to say. Feedback would be amazing! Thanks