13 years old



    In all your sadness and glory, wins and losses

    Let me be there

    Own the fact I will be here forever

    Very much attached to your side

    Even when you wish me gone

    Your light will always guide my ship

  • Dance of the Polar Bear

         Late at night, my igloo is cozy and warm, unlike the Artic outside. Grandmum tucks me into bed, but doesn't leave just yet. She takes a seat on the edge of my bed, and prepares her story telling voice. 

  • A wizard, marble, and blanket

    Once upon a time there was a wizned old wizard, a marble, and a blanket. This was before the Earth was born, but not too long. The planet on which the wizard currently resides is Neptune, and can barely sustain life.
  • The Best Teacher I Ever Had

    I will never forget you,
    Your bright smile
    Your demanding eyes
    You excpected the best of me
    So I tried my hardest around you.
    The reason I am who I am today
    Is partly all thanks to you.
    You were the best teacher I ever had