17 years old


  • Theology

    Religion is girlhood

    God is a teenage girl screaming the names of the people she used to love at the sky

    Worship is dancing and celebrating while still being upset

  • My Childhood Home

    My childhood home is filled with plants,

    plants that we never water

    but are somehow still alive.

    Its island is littered with junk mail,

    different types of olive oil,

    stray flakes of salt,

  • Mirror, Mirror

    When you are a teenager,
    Every mirror is a kaleidoscope.
    It is rare that you will see just one image of yourself,
    But many fragmented pieces staring back at you.
    We never know who we are, because what we see isn’t true.
  • A List

    If my body is 60% water, the other 40% is made out of / Taylor Swift lyrics / poems I will never finish / speeches I want to write / directions to my sister's college / people I wish I could forget / sugary sweet iced coffee / really nice th
  • Patron saint

    Hi, I’m Gracie, patron saint of putting people who hurt me back together,
    Of helping, despite getting pushed and shoved.
    I speak for the people who love others more than we get loved,
    Those who are armed with Elmer’s glue