Weekly Challenges

Sun dial



What would a world without clocks – without time measured by anything but the sun – feel like? Imagine how our lives would be different. Write a poem or story that captures a day in the life of a clockless world (or even just a few moments). [Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash]


  • Timeless

    [By J Amos, Killington Elementary School] If the world was without clocks that would mean humans would use the sun or stars to guide them. Kids probably wouldn't be allowed to go too far into the woods.

  • The Time Catchers

    I can remember a time before the timelessness came. It’s only been five years, and I’ve been alive twelve. Twelve years, four months, one week, and two days, not that I should be keeping track.

  • When There Is No Sun

    "How much sleep did you get last night?" I look up from my slumped-over position to see my friend looking down at me with her plate of food. "Uh..." I say, rubbing my eyes. I think back to everything I did last night.

  • In a Minute

    Minutes flash, seconds tick. How much longer do we have to laugh this time?

    The cotton brocade, crimson and ivory, is brought down harshly, cut in half this time.


  • Time Immemorial

    I feel like I’m drowning.  All those clocks, ticking and ticking and ticking like the beating of my heart day in and day out for eternity, and then just- nothing.  A split second between the start of forever and the end, and how can it b