Aug 12

True Self

I'm scared of my real self

Scared to be myself because I know if I am the real me i screw up everything

I've tried to fix what i have broken but it always seems that i make it worse than it started out

I have tried to say what i have done but the words never seen to make it out of my mouth

To scared to tell the truth

Instead i run away and hide in the dark and avoid the problem

Bur either way if i face the problem or avoid it makes it harder  

Since i have been hurt so much by people's words

I've always come to be scared of angry people

Frightened that i will be hurt more by each person

People don't really understand how it feels

How it feels that you wanna tell them how you feel but to scared to tell them because you don't know how they'll react

So now i hide behind the fake mask i call “My True Self”

Wearing the fake smile that hurts to put on everyday

Showing everyone the person they think i am

Even though they don't know the secret lurking behind it