Jun 20
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Summer Story + Hello!

Hello, people of YWP, it's your writer Nicole here with some news. It seems as if I logged on to here, but not at school. Is this witchcraft at it's finest? Hmm... 
On the other hand, I hope all of you are having a great summer and are spending it well. You can contact me about your summer at the following email address: [email protected]

What is this about? This blog post is about stories of my interesting and wacky summer so far. I do have a story of something that happened, and I'll share it after this short message. If you want to make your own Summer Story blog post, go ahead and do it! You can credit me if you want to, but you really don't have too. All this is just a silly journal entry like thing about my summer. 

Ah, lets get on with the story now, huh?

3 days ago...
It happened to be that my dad and I were staying the night somewhere in Fair Haven due to our late staying. We went to my aunt and cousin's house, then headed over to the pool for a little bit. After that, we went on a boat ride. We had dinner and talked around a fire after that. We finally decided to sleep at my aunt's house for the night. I barely got any sleep before and after my dad came. I woke up and then played with my aunts puppy. After that, me and my dad went home and hung out.