Sep 26


Last night was horrifying, I got a call and nobody answered when I did. It happened at least seven times, it was scary. You know when you get the feeling somebody's watching you? Well, that’s what I felt. I went to bed like nothing, I thought it was some teen prank calling people, but now that I think about it, I’m scared. I’m just going to continue with my regular activities, it’s probably nothing.

I’m already for work, here we go! I got in my car and it was cold, it was cold last night! As usual, I heated it up and head off to work. Everything was normal at work, I almost forgot about what happened last night. I stayed late at work because I had to finish something for somebody else at work, the person asked me to do it the day before but I had no time, so here I am doing it. I finished and left, and heated my car up and left. Everything was dark, no cars on the road, it was weird. I heard some shuffling in my back seat, probably a rat or something, I don’t know.  Five minutes later, my car shut off, everything was dark, I couldn’t see. I heard someone say,

“Hello..remember your phone call yesterday?”