Dec 16


"Hey, you okay?"
"I'm fine, geez!"
"It sure doesn't sound like it..."
"You always have to stick your nose in other people's business!"
"Okay! Fine I'll go, but don't say I didn't try!"
"Fine, fine, fine, I'll tell you. Ugh"
"This might sound so weird and babyish,"
"Yeah, okay, what's the problem? I promise I won't make fun,"
"Okay, okay, okay, things are changing, and I'm afraid..."
"Uhh afraid of what?"
"Afraid of not fitting in, afraid of not even having a world to live in in a few decades, afraid of war! I'm afraid of so many things!"
"You know what, I'm afraid of those things too, I bet thousands of other people are too,"
"Thanks, I just wanted to tell that to someone."
"You will always have me,"
"Haha...I know,"
"Let's get out of here and go to my house. Binge some Netflix?"
"I'm sorry I was so rude earlier..."
"It's okay, I forgive you, we're in this together, ya know?"