Dec 18

Letting it Slide

I felt more important than I should have,
but I was weating my blue suit and
I felt like the next freaking president of the United States
so I let it slide. 

We walked into the Starbucks and
ordered the sweetest drinks on the menu,
you know, 
the holiday ones with the pretty paper to-go cups. 

We also asked for whipped cream 
but  then we couldn't find a seat
until a man got up and walked off with his laptop. 

We quickly sat down and our drinks were suddenly at our lips, 
and I grimiced because my sweet, rich drink wasn't 
sweet at all. 

It was bitter, but then again even the air tasted bitter.
So I let it slide. 

About the Author: EmilyAnne
"To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard." -Allen Ginsberg