Jun 25

But What Can I Write About?

Ahh. We've all been there. And that's where we can help! We have ideas, support, mentoring and publishing! We help you get excited about an idea, improve it and then get an external audience.

CHALLENGES: Each day we'll feature an idea to spark your next story or poem. Don't like today's challenge? Try another. Or try one of the weekly challenges which formally submits your work to be considered for external publication. (Where? The Voice, our digital monthly magazine; cowbird.com, vpr.net, vtdigger.org or a host of daily newspapers (VT & NH only).

PROJECTS: Sometimes we take those challenges and help you go deeper. Or some of you get an idea for a more complex project. Something, perhaps, that can shake people up. You see we like changing the world. That's why we're here.

LABS: Fun, live, guilt-free sessions in our special workshop areas with YWP staff (we're pretty good, you know), some of our writerly, artistic friends and, yes, a few of you guys who've worked yourself up to glorified, near-God-like status: Writers to Read!

COURSES: YWP is developing courses for youths and a combination of youths and adults. These are more formal workshops and can be taken for credit.

So just go and write!

And don't forget to give your mates some comments! They'll love you forever.