Jan 08
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The clock

The clock
Sitting on the wall, 
telling people when to live their lives.
What an amazing thing.

The clock.
It ticks, turning heads.
Changing lives as it makes us the people we are.
What would we be without the clock?
Who would tell us when to eat?
When to sleep?
When to go places. 

The clock 
It’s turning gears are like the ones in our minds,
Running our thoughts, 
Making our ideas.
The clock,
I have never seen a better multitasker,
It’s many hands working in 3 different spots at once.

The clock,
Shows a lot about the person it belongs to.
It tells the untold story of its owners,
The one about their likes, and dislikes.

The clock,
Despite its incredible powers,
Sits on the wall,
Without gratitude.