Oct 18
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Winter night

I roll crunching, damp snow in to a big, almost square, circle, I take my big mitten and smooth it to a ball. I chop the bottom so it can stand up right on top of the other two balls. I scamper inside as quiet as I can, and grab a carrot, and ten raisins. I shuffle back outside leaving a little trail of melting snow behind. As I place the carrot in the hole I made for the nose, and the raisins for the eyes, I hear a voice call out,

“Dinners ready, make sure you leave your snowy clothes on the heated mudroom floor.” I quickly kick the snowman over and stomp on him. As I take off all my wet, cold, snow clothes, I kick off my boots and run to the dinner table to see what’s for dinner. Tonight my parents have made a big piece of ham, with root vegetables completed with a side of rice and rolls.

I slid on my wool socks and run to the mug cabinet and grab my favorite mug. I get cold apple cider out of the fridge and pour some in to a small pot and warm it up on the stove. I sit at the table and take a sip of my now hot cider, I can feel it leave a burning trail down my throat. I take a bite of my ham and listen to my family talk about the day, and think about my bussie day of skiing tomorrow.

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