Jan 15
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My Experience With 70 Degrees (revised)

60⁰ and I were sitting in my room playing Rocket League. He was destroying me. ¨I have to go to the the bathroom, but even when I'm in there ,you'll keep losing.¨ hut up Idiot!¨ I exclaimed. ¨ should respect the weather.¨ He said, yellin from the bathroom. Just then 70⁰,my other ACQUAINTANCE, climbed through the window and shut it.¨AHHH!¨ I screamed, ¨Get off!¨ 70° was sitting on me, slowly exterminating every last bit of my friend, 60°. “You know, you really should respect the weather,” He said “ Or else I will make you.” 70° then stood up, hopped of my couch, and broke through my window. Just then 60° came through the bathroom door. “That smells!” I exclaimed. “If it smells, clean it.” Said 60⁰. “The windows broken, clean it.” “70° is splattered on the ground, cl- -aiaiaiaiaiai!”

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