Jan 23

Sour Secrets

She suckles on her lower lip
as her eyes weep in silence.
Her chest sinks a little
beneath her floral dress,
barely breathing the same
and crushing her tiny heart.
Her spine is an arrow
pointing toward the heavens,
but her skull is a sign
reading 'STOP' again
and again, shouting it aloud.
Her limbs are sheddings
of her lost body left soulless. 
Her heart is the soul of the body
weeping in its cage of flesh,
but she sours the tip of her tongue
and licks the syrup of honesty.
"I admit the deed, I do."
Her chest rises again to breathe,
but a flutter breaks the easiness,
uneasy and weeping again.
With her hand upon her breast,
she soothes it once more
only to breathe the sour words
of secrets never to be told.