Mar 22
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Do Your Homework!

“Kevin, do your homework” Mom yells.

I swirled those foul tasting words in my mouth, they taste of rotten radishes and mustard.
Ugh, disgusting. I take a swig of water and clean my palate, much better. I put on my noise-proof headset and press play. Instantly my mind flows with an assortment of colors. I listen to punk rock as swirls of red, black, and light blue dance to the tempo of the song. It becomes hard to focus on my homework. As soon as I think of homework, that rotten taste returns to the edge of my tongue. I pause my music, as mom knocks on the door and brings in dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. The red sauce screams in my ears, the pale yellow of the pasta sings jolly tunes, while the dark brown of the meatballs beats like a drum. All of these illusions are part of my everyday life. Think of when you’re in class and you start to day dream about something else, that is my simple explanation of my synesthesia. Except it is hard for me to snap out of it and bring my attention to what is at task. I press play on my ipod and my mind is filled with swirls of color once again. I nod my head back and forth to the music as I fork spaghetti into my mouth, staring mindlessly at my untouched homework.

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