Dec 19
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A Winter's Day

I like flying down the mountain snowflakes floating softly around me
I like feeling my skis dangling below me as we sit on the icy lift making our slow incline 
I like the way everything is coated in soft white blanket 
I like my hair flying behind me as I speed downwards
I like the designs my breath makes when it leaves my mouth and dances with the winter air
I like the sound my skis make as they slide over the hard ice
I like the way my cheeks burn from the cold winter air
I like walking toward the lodge, the colored lights beckoning me
I like the fire, slowly spreading warmth through my fingers and toes
I like the way the hot chocolate overpowers the marshmallows melting them into one sweet mix 
I like the way the hot mixture burns as it slides down my throat 
I like walking to the car after a long day, snowflakes floating softly around me