Jan 27

Moving Backward

I am speaking.
Trying to decide what should be
My next move.
What the best strategy would be.

I step forward
Only to be swept back two spaces
By the neverending current
Holding me back.

Holding everyone back.
That current is made up
Of hatred, political anger,
And power in the wrong hands.

In the wrong hands.
The hands of power that
Is supposed to be restrictive.

Supposed to be restrictive.
We live in a country of 
Racism, despute,
That get's no where.
It only pulls us back.

To be fair,
It frankly disgusts me.

And I know that a massive nation
Of strong, inspiring, and nasty
Human beings
Are enraged by the restriction
Thrown carelessly apon us.

I'm not talking about the kind of anger
That forms a violent rebellion to overtake
Dictators, like in books.

I'm talking about the kind of anger
That inspires a body of people
To fight for what's right
And to fight for what we deserve.

To influence opinion, not get rid of it.
To make an impact, not by
Destroying what we despise
But by changing the way we
Come about things, and addressing
Anything that move's into our way.

The objects that come in our way
Will not be tossed aside
But shuffled into yet 
Another inspired person.

Who fights with the people
Who want their children
And grandchildren to grow up
In a world that deserves
The powerful generations
Yet to come to this world. 

That carry the genetics
We passed along to them
That makes them the young,
Powerful, impactful people that they
Are and will be, every single day.

So let me tell you:
Our inpiration, strength, and
Power that is growing 
All the time
Will one day, 
Be big enough to fight
Against the hateful current
That is the only thing restraining us.
And when that day comes,
Which will be very soon,
Not a single drop of hatred
Left over from the defeated current
Can restrain us ever again.

And at last,

We will be moving forward

Instead of the dreaded
Moving backward.

One day.
And soon.