Sep 27

I am a Spy

   The streets of Manzillo Mexico were crowded. I could barely walk through all these people and the sun was beating down on me. A scream came from behind me followed by the sound of braking glass. "Malino?" I thought, and turned around looking for a man near the broken glass. I turned my eye piece on, a contact that acts like a computer. A little red square popped up and started to scan people's faces.
  It landed on a man with spikey black hair and brownish gold eyes. The red box on my eye piece changed to green and a name appeared next to it. It said Malino. "Got you." I whispered under my breath and started toward him.
   Malino looking around caught me looking at him and coming closer, turned around and started running. "No you don't" I say, elbowing people through the crowd until I could run.
   Malino ran on to the boardwalk, leading to the beach. He was fast, but my months of training were paying off. All those 10 mile runs a day are turning out to be useful. I am not tired so I pushed myself to a flat out sprint.I can feel my gun on my hip and really hope I don't have to use it.
  There was barely anyone here with the exception of a few people who looked at us weirdly.
  Malino ran out onto the sand towards the water with me following close behind. He takes a sharp right running towards a big wall, he gets to it and pulls out a gun and points it at me.
   "Don't come a step closer," Malino says breathing hard.
   I am also out of breath take another step forward knowing from my gun knowledge he only one shot.
   "I warned you," he said and pulled the trigger.
    I move to the side but not before the bullet knicks my shoulder. I yelp as pain shoots up my arm, I clasped my left shoulder as it is gushing with blood. I look into the eyes of Malino, the man who killed my sister, the man who deserves to die. I run at him, punch him in the face, hitting his nose and seeing the blood pour out before his arms swings at me and I duck. I kick him in the stomach and he doubles over and stumbles back. I walk over to him and push him down on his stomach in the sand, put my knee on his back and pull his arms behind him so he can not move.
   I tap twice under my ear, "Yes agent". A man's voice comes through my earpiece. I recognize as Chage, my boss.
   "I got Malino", I say.
    "Good work agent, Alaya. I knew I could trust you for this. A team would be there in five."
    "Ok". After all this time, I finally got him. The killer of my sister and the reason why my parents don't approve of me.
     I look at him one last time before I punch him in the head and just like that he is unconscious.