Nov 15


What do you mean you think I’m stupid? Because I can’t remember anything? There’s something out there called “Short Term Memory Loss”. I have it. I can do stuff like math just as well as the rest of you, I just can’t remember it.

You still think I’m stupid? Why now? Because I play video games? Video games are always teaching you something, sometimes it doesn’t seem relevant, and sometimes it doesn’t seem good. Using computers helped sharpen my reading skills and also taught me how to do basic math when I was younger. Video games actually helped sharpen my skills.

I’m still stupid? Why am I stupid still? Because I identify differently than you think I should? My gender has no relevance to how smart I am. Even if I did identify the way you think I should.

No, the other thing is why I’m stupid? My sexuality also has no impact on how I perform in my classes. Well, it actually does but not in the way of doing my work.

I’m stupid just because I am? Well, sounds like you ran out of reasons.

Why am I not saying anything mean back? Because that would be stooping to your level the level I call the stu-, no, the ignorant level.

Okay, you still think I’m stupid? Because I have a lisp and can’t pronounce words? Honestly, lisps have no impact on how high your IQ is. And everyone mispronounces words every once in a while.

I’m stupid because I have depression? Actually, a lot of amazing people had depression. Take Abraham Lincoln for example. He was one of our best presidents and he had depression.