Nov 19
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This really famous club that everyone has been talking about does not sound that great. They sent me an invitation to join but I have to meet them in a church and I need to bring a knife. So when I get there I see people in robe’s and around me are lit candles and they said that I have to cut my stomach open to join. When I wake up I am at the school with stitches in my stomach and I realize that it is a cult worshiping the demon God of money. Most of the people that have joined are past people that went to prison or have a drug history. They meet in a house in the bottom of the basement and they worship him with a sacrifice like a follower, they say that they will kill us if we speak of this to people. It has been a year I have seen so many people getting initiated then eaten or showing of to people and getting killed the next day I went down and I was the sacrifice and I realized that I would be the last sacrifice because he needed one more person and he would be filled then I disappeared from existence forever.

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